Revolutionizing the Treatment of Bacterial Infections

Q2 Pharma is developing small-molecule antivirulence agents against bacterial infections.

Our lead compound F19 binds to staphylococcal transcription factor AgrA, thereby blocking its association with cognate DNA promoter. The end result is inhibition of expression of all toxins and virulence factors under control of the agr operon.

MRSA is the most widespread multi-drug resistant bacterial infection worldwide. In the US, there were 80,461 severe MRSA infections in 2013, which caused 11,285 deaths. MRSA costs the US healthcare system up to $34 billion a year and accounts for over 8 million additional hospital days.

Our primary development target is an oral treatment for invasive MRSA infection.

Q2 Pharma was co-founded in 2016 by four experts in drug discovery and in the biotech industry

  • Menachem Shoham PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Jacob BenArie, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
  • Yaron Shoham, Chief Medical Officer
  • Yair Alegranti, Chief Translational Officer