Q2Pharma specializes in developing small-molecule drugs against multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria to be used in conjunction with commonly used antibiotics or as stand-alone medications.

Our lead compound, F19 has shown promise in combating deadly MDR bacterial infections. Whereas antibiotics kill bacteria, as an antivirulent, F19 inhibits bacterial toxin release, allowing the immune system to do its job more effectively, resolving the infection. F19 has been shown to potentiate antibiotic efficacy, even to antibiotics that the pathogen is otherwise resistant. Recent experiments have demonstrated F19’s potent effects on several of the most common and deadly MDR bacteria.


F19 disarms bacteria of their virulence factors by targeting the staphylococcal transcription factor AgrA and suppressing the transcription of genes of the arg operon.


Case Western Reserve University’s Biochemistry Department team is partnering with Q2Pharma to develop antivirulence agents that disarm bacteria of deadly toxins.


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Q2Pharma Management Team Leaders

Jacob BenArie, MBA, B.Sc, Co-founder and CEO

Jacob BenArie

MBA, B.Sc, Co-founder and CEO

Menachem Shoham, PhD, Co-founder and CSO

Menachem Shoham

PhD, Co-founder and CSO

Yaron Shoham MD, Co-founder and CMO

Yaron Shoham

MD, Co-founder and CMO

Yair Alerganti, B.Sc, Co-founder and Chief RA

Yair Alerganti

B.Sc, Co-founder and Chief RA


David Blum

B.Pharm, MBA; CTO